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L3 Mat Instructor

Biomechanics Trainer

Sports Specific Pilates

Lisa B Courses: Reformer, Chair, Progressive Reformer, Classical Mat, Principle Mat, HIPP.

Kinesiology Taping

I discovered Pilates as a result of generally disliking exercise! I couldn't stick to anything, didn't enjoy whatever I tried, and never found that 'feel good' sensation others describe - until I found Pilates.

The results were quick too. Pilates involves concentration in order to achieve precision in the movement, therefore such mindfulness makes it a relaxing experience as well as a challenging workout. I soon felt stronger, more flexible and looking better too. The philosophy and new awareness is easy to incorporate into everyday life.

Having spent years as a teacher and teacher trainer in a completely different field I realised how lovely it would be to combine both passions.

I am constantly amazed and rewarded by the feedback I receive from clients about how Pilates has improved so many aspects of their lives, from pain relief to improved technique in sports such as golf, running, shooting and cycling.

Look forward to working with you soon.


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